Brand Ambassadors for Swet Seat

Become a Brand Ambassador for Swet Seat and earn 10% commission in cash from the sales that use your code at checkout. The only thing you have to be is someone who loves a little adventure or considers themself to be athletic. Our customers are definitely these people.

Once you fill out the Brand Ambassador form found here, you'll get an email with a code just for you. 

Once you have your code, the more you promote, the more often people will buy. Most people need to see a brand several times before they decided to trust and purchase.

Feel free to promote on your social media and tag us. We'll repost! Feel free to use your pics if you don't already have a Swet Seat, but want to earn one by saving up your cash from the sales. Tell your friends. Tell your doctor. The more your code gets used, the more you both win.

Your followers get 15% off their purchase and you'll get 10% of that sale. We encourage you to use it for your own purchases. Any sale made with that code is money back in your pocket. Boom!

This is NOT an MLM. You don't have to make purchases and try to sell them. It's simply you getting the word out, sharing your code, and then making some money off of when people use it. This is a genuine way for us to say thank you for spreading the word about Swet Seat! Come along! Join our awesome Brand Ambassador program!


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