Christina Cocita - CrossFit Trainer + Nutrition Coach

Christina has always been athletic. In high school she did all the sports and then in college she picked up bodybuilding. Using YouTube, she taught herself bodybuilding principles and within 30 days was doing a competition. She then continued that for the next few years and came to a point where she didn't feel balance in her life nutritionally and athletically.

Have you found yourself depressed and at a low point? She tells about how she focused on the wrong things and that her motives were probably not the healthiest. She decided it was time for her to make a change and now she's a CrossFit and nutritional trainer.

She tells her story of how she went through these transitions and how much healthier she feels now that she's doing CrossFit. She makes time to move and work her body and tells what she does to get through moments when she doesn't feel like exercising.

You'll be inspired by her as she explains things in a very relatable way. Be sure to tune in below and make sure you subscribe to our podcast wherever you listen to podcasts. We are growing our community every single week and hope that you will share this podcast with your friends or somebody that you think needs to hear it. Hit play below! @shaped_by_faith

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