Keleen Miskin - Bodybuilding

Keleen has had a successful career as a vocal coach. she's been a stay-at-home mom for many years while riding her vocal coaching business and helping many of her students to go on to become very successful in their vocal coaching. 

For a while, she had been having health problems and feeling achy as well as depressed. She was trying to find purpose in her life and was feeling a deep need for a body that she felt she was giving proper respect.

One day she woke up and had a deep feeling her heart that things would be different. That she would finally make the change after so many years of trying every diet and every weight loss idea. She knew today moving forward things would be different.

She started with a fitness class and a year later she came across a bodybuilding coach and knew that's what she wanted to do next. With precision and complete determination to do everything her coach asked of her, she has won second place in a couple of different bodybuilding competitions and continues to compete today, 10 years later.

Now she's looking for ways to inspire other women and telling her story during this podcast will move you. If you've been needing to make a change in your life, this is a must-listen! Many women get stuck in the rut of how things have always been and not feeling capable of true change. You are capable of true change and Keleen is an amazing example of how that is possible. Hit play to listen. @keleen_rae



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