Margaret Spring - Ultra Trail Runner

Margaret is 100+ mile trail runner. She went from marathon to 100 mile run and now she's hooked on ultras. She talks through her experience of dealing with injury and what she does to find peace through them. 

Years ago, she was held at gunpoint while being robbed in a city. Since then, she's had fears about running alone. Most women have fears of running alone, so during this podcast episode, she gives advice and tactical suggestions on what you can do to be safe as you run.

Another thing that we talk through in this interview is how to find a good coach. She loves her running coach and says she owes a lot of her success recently to her running coach and has given some checkpoints on how you can find one best suited for you.

Margaret is also the proud owner of a Swet Seat for post-running and sweaty indoor workouts! Hit play below and be sure to subscribe to our podcast wherever you listen to podcasts on Google, Spotify, Apple, Stitcher, etc. Please write us a review!

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