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Swexy Series

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The Swexy is a car seat cover for the modern athletic person. You always knew you needed something like this, but you didn't know a product so functional and stylish existed. 

  • Waterproof: 100% protects your seat from your sweat, mud, beach, dirty paws
  • Stinkproof and durable: machine washable for 300+ washings
  • Barrier for sanitation after working in hospitals, clinics, and other essential services
  • Straps are easy-on/off design. No buckles, clips, or snaps
  • Bottom strap to secure seat cover in place
  • Seat widens to accommodate all sizes
  • Material is soft, stretchy, lightweight like your activewear
  • Wash cold, hang dry. No bleach, vinegar, or fabric softener.
  • All of our products are ethically made and manufactured with a paid livable wage in Roswell, GA, USA
  • Don't sweat on your car. Go on, get dirty.
  • Ships within 1-3 days. Free shipping.

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