Hiya! I'm Andrea. I built Swet Seat out of a personal need. I carried a towel in my car for years and hated how bulky and ugly it was. Plus, I always forgot to put it back in my car after taking it out to dry it or wash it. After picking up Nick (my ultramarathon-training husband) on a hot July day, the drenched in sweat experience was a bit much. Luckily, I found a picnic blanket in the trunk for him to sit on, but after that, a hope for a solution lingered in the back of my mind. In a quiet moment, the idea came for what a seat cover HAD to have in it. After searching what already existed on the market, I saw space for what I knew was needed and from there started sketching, designing, and prototyping. Seven months later, Swet Seat was born. Now you don't have to have the sit-on-your-picnic-blanket experience. You're welcome :) 
Andrea McKee - Inventor & Founder of Swet Seat
We build lightweight, compact, durable, machine washable, waterproof, vehicle seat covers for the modern, athletic and adventurous person. We are a women-owned and led company. We do this so you can make peace with your car's seat. No one wants to get in their car all dirty or sweaty. Getting in leaves a slightly bad taste after such awesome experiences in the outdoors or indoors. Our design and construction is patent-pending and it is literally everything you need in a seat cover when you are adventuring, playing, and living an active life outdoors and in.
What we value:
1. Moving our bodies. Endorphins make this world a happier place!
2. Living wages to our manufacturers and all who participate in the supply chain of our product.
3. A stellar experience for you. If we can make you happy, that's what we strive for.
4. Incredible products. We will always be looking for ways to improve and build the things you need for your convenience and lifestyle.
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