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Get a deal by getting two black seat covers! The Swexy + The Classic in a pack of two Swet Seats to protect your car from whatever it is you do. We know you have fun together. We also know it's likely you each have your own car. Now you don't have to get jealous that one of you has a Swet Seat and the other one doesn't. Going running together? Biking? Coming home from the hospital? Go places just you and your dog? Just you and your kid? Whatever it is that you do, make peace with your seat post-pursuit by protecting your seat from the dirty.

  • Waterproof on one side and sweat-wicking on the other.
  • 100% protects your seat from your sweat, muddy adventures, sandy beach excursions, and whatever else you are playing in.
  • Provides a barrier between you and your seat for sanitation after working in hospitals, clinics, and other essential services.
  • The straps are an easy-on/easy-off design with no buckles, clips, or snaps.
  • Built with a strap on the seat part where you sit to ensure that your Swexy stays in place.
  • The seat widens to accommodate all sizes.
  • The material is soft, stretchy, super lightweight, and feels like your athletic apparel.
  • There are various colors to match your personality or mood
  • Wash cold, hang dry.
  • All of our products are ethically made and manufactured with a paid livable wage. Manufactured in Roswell, GA.
  • Don't sweat on your car.

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