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Swet Seat is a car seat cover for sweaty post-workouts, crossfit, running, mountain biking, snow sports, beach days, and legs-on-leather-seat experiences. This product is for the smart, conscientious athlete and outdoor enthusiast. It's for you and all of your adventures.

  • Designed for slip-on and slip-off so you don't waste time. It's intentionally one piece for convenience.
  • Throw it in the washing machine when you are done using it.
  • A silky, smooth absorbent side where you sit, with the other side waterproof so your seat is 100% protected from...well, you. We mean that in the nicest way :)
  • Provides a barrier between you and your seat for sanitation after working in hospitals, clinics, and other essential services.
  • It folds up into the headrest, making for 10.5 oz. of lightweight and compact storage in the door of your car or bag.
  • Simple design. No clips, snaps, or buckles to complicate life.
  • It doesn't slip around while you sit on it and widens where your tush is, ensuring full coverage. 
  • Constructed for comfort, durability, and regular use.
  • We've made it with ethical practices and livable wages.
  • Stretch-fit design ensures fit on all cars, SUVs, trucks, and van seats.
  • Hang dry.

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Swet Seat gives you the peace of mind of taking care of the car you spent time and money researching, then buying. Your hard work and pursuits in your life have brought you to where you are now. Go on, get dirty. Then take a seat on us.

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