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Go On, Get Dirty!

Swet Seat is the seat cover you never knew existed. If you don't enjoy stinking up your car because you sweat, get wet or dirty, you need this. It's machine washable, lightweight, easy-on/off, super compact to avoid clutter, moisture-wicking, waterproof, sanitary, durable, stinkproof, and simple.

Stylish that makes sense.

  • Legit Design

    Every inch of Swet Seat is carefully designed for optimal fit, coverage, and use for people who get gross. It's design culminates in a stellar product that our customers love! Well-built to last 300+ washings. We know what's on the market. Why would we bother making it if it wasn't going to knock your socks off? Nuff said.

  • Veteran Owned; Locally Made

    Swet Seat is made local in Tennessee, USA. We even offer repair services so you can buy less and respect the environment more.

  • Free Shipping

    Free Shipping in the US. Self explanatory :)

Actually stylish.



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Swuave Series

Swuave Series

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No dumb Questions here

I have leather seats and they're fine.

Leather seats break down over time from the oils and salts from your skin and sweat. Fabric seats soak it all in. Think about your sweat getting absorbed in the seat (leather absorbs, too), then that night, you got your new clothes on and sat on it. The next day, your significant other worked out with you and sat on it.

Busting out the numbers. The average American spends $9200/yr on their car (pmts, insurance, gas, mainteneance, etc). Have you ever tried buying a used car and didn't because its seats were too worn? Taking a little extra care by grabbing your Swet Seat will give you a lot more peace of mind when you are gross and trying to figure out how NOT to sit on your seat. It's more money in your pocket when you eventually sell your car, too.

There are gazillions of seat covers. Why yours?

My husband and I are runners. When I was looking for something for us to use, I scoured the market and didn't like anything enough to buy it. Too bulky, not waterproof, no headrest, have to take a hose to it in order to wash it, doesn't absorb, stains seats, etc. I wanted something that felt like my clothes, but for my car and wasn't going to take up much space. It had to be waterproof, otherwise, what's the point? I couldn't find a seat cover that had everything I wanted in it, so I designed Swet Seat, iterated it, and found someone to manufacture it locally. I also wanted something with style, so I designed the Swexy and Shine for feminine appeal.

The lux behind the butts.

Design is important to me and I think through every detail. It's basic job is to protect the seat 100%. I am also very protective of my values--humane work conditions, and ethical supply chain, conscious of the Earth. The materials are high quality and durable, so that is a good chunk of the cost. The biggest cost is that our workers get paid a living wage in the US. Then other admin stuff like shipping, packaging, website, etc. It's about the cost of a new pair of training shoes or a month of gym membership, but it will far outlast them.

Throw it in the wash.

Yes! The fabric in the seat cover is similar to your workout clothes, so wash cold with like colors. No bleach, vinegar, or fabric softeners to prevent premature breakdown or grime on the product. Air dry to maintain the synthetic fiber strength as you would your swimsuits, yoga pants, tri kit and outdoor adventure gear.

How waterproof is waterproof?

Swet Seat is 100% waterproof, yet breathable. That means it will protect your seat from all moisture, but the breathability makes it so it isn't causing you to keep sweating.

If you have leather seats, but you're in your Daisy Dukes, it solves your legs-sticking-to-the-seat problem. You have a buddy that came riding with you and you don't want his sweat on your truck? If your dog pukes on it, your seat is saved. If you start your period on your seat like I did once, you won't have to spend a while trying to get it out. If you sweat and don't want to sit on yesterday's sweat, you can have peace with your seat. If you have kids and you forgot to pack more diapers, but they've peed through their clothes, put this on the car seat or stroller. Life can get messy. You're welcome.

Is it going to fit nice and snug on my seat?

The fit is going to vary slightly with each car seat, but because of its stretchy characteristics, it is universal fit. That means no matter what kind of car you have, if it has a headrest, it will fit. The overall fit on the headrest will usually be snug. The rest of it will drape over the seat itself as seen on the pictures, but stay in place because of the straps around the back and seat. 

How long does it take to ship once I order?

Your Swet Seat within 1-3 days of when you make the order. The goal is to get it to you in the shortest time possible because I get it...where has this been all my life?!

How do I pay with cyptocurrencies like Bitcoin?

We are happy to accomodate payment via cryptocurrency. We take BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, DOT. Please email support to learn how.

Ethics & Values

We overthink things a lot. It's a rabbit hole, but we started with the basics. Our fabrics are made in a highly regulated factory in the US with eco-friendly processes and materials.  The product is made in the USA by a small business just like us.

Our goal is to sell a high quality product that fits and is functional.